Friday, April 25, 2014

Selwin: One of the Best Days of My Life

Ok, so when I first got my mission call, I admit, I was a little disappointed because I wasn't leaving at the same time as Simeon.  But now I'm sure glad I left when I did. If I had (left at the same time) I wouldn’t have met some wonderful people.

Let me tell you about Easter Sunday.  I got up and went to class as usual then we had a devotional that morning but didn't know who was coming. Well, do you have a clue who came? It was President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I was through the roof when I heard it was him.  My district had the opportunity to be host.  My branch president told me that doesn't happen often.  I told him they must know I'm here.  We all filed into the auditorium to hear this wonderful man speak. (It was noted there had not been someone from the First Presidency at the MTC in six years). President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk on the Atonement and on the faith Peter had.  He also told a story about a missionary in England who feared no man. If you weren't feeling the spirit while he talked I would say you needed prayers a lot, because it filled the room right up.

So as his talk ended he noted he would be coming around to shake some hands and I was like, “oh, yeah this is going to be so awesome” but he didn't so I was pretty much satisfied just being in the same room.  Being that close to him was an honor but faith/fate had other plans for me.

As I was heading out for my Sunday walk with my district, one of the security guards told us "OK, he's coming this way. Don't take pictures or approach him.  If he wants to he will come and shake your hands" I was excited again but not like before because I knew the likelihood of him coming over was like 99-to-1.  As he was passing by we waved at him and he stopped to talk to us and asked us "where are you going?"  Then he asked where we were from.  Out of nowhere I shouted out “South America” and then he came over and said where?  I said Guyana, South America and then told him about how he had met President Benn last year and all this time he was shaking my hands. Then he started talking about how the First Presidency and the Twelve talk about Guyana and are working on making things better there.  Just hearing how much they cared made me want to shed some tears (I didn't though).  Then he opened his arms and gave me a hug.  The spirit was really speaking to him because I needed one. It was truly amazing.  Words can't describe how I felt.  It truly was amazing and topped off one of the best days of my life!

PS:  As it turns out, a reporter from the Deseret News was standing nearby with a camera.  On April 23, a full page story appeared (  The final paragraph read:  After the meeting, President Uchtdorf shook hands with dozens of missionaries. Elder Selwin Lovell, a missionary from the South American nation of Guyana assigned to the Mississippi Jackson Mission, was among many elders who received a warm embrace from President Uchtdorf.  

And, even more amazing, this is the second time one or both of the Lovell twins have been in a church publication since they joined at age 13 (see!!!

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