Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simeon's Farewell

The church no longer encourages farewells for missionaries but after the amazing talk Simeon gave in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, March 9 (on the topic of obedience) we invited ward members, neighbors and friends over for "cookies and punch."  Selwin stayed in the background because he kept insisting it was "Simeon's day" (though our new bishop's wife brought him into the party with her comment about wanting grandchildren in a couple of years).  Several guests slipped Simeon money and all gave him a big hug.  Good family, good ward, good neighborhood, good missionary.

On Monday, we headed north where we had breakfast with Bob and Katie Beecher, with whom we served in Guyana; toured Temple Square - including the conference center - and stopped at the Missionary Mall in Provo to buy him a coat.  When we walked in, we were almost run over by former-Elder Porter, with whom we also served in Guyana.  He loudly exclaimed - when he saw his three customers come through the door - "NO WAY!!!!"

The MTC - an important part of this amazing Church - had every detail of the drop off process in place and it worked like a "well oiled machine!" The twins debated whether I would cry when it came time to say goodbye to Simeon.  The answer is "yes!" He's not mine - technically - but I love these boys and have been so pleased with how our family and the ward have embraced them.  Tears!!!

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