Monday, March 31, 2014

Finally in Atlanta

From the MTC, Elder Simeon Lovell wrote:  This place is awesome, amazing and everywhere you go you can feel the spirit.  I’m in a wonderful district and have two cool companions, who are also going to the Georgia Atlanta Mission with me.  I don’t want to “spill the beans” about the MTC too soon because I want Sel to feel what I feel and experience what I have experienced. The spirit is so strong though sometimes you forget the gospel you are preparing to teach must be led by the spirit.  We are not the ones who teach the investigators but Heavenly Father through us.  I’m doing fine – exercising every day to get the “six pack” abs so I can keep my word (about not gaining weight).

Thirteen days into his mission, Simeon left the MTC to board a plane in Salt Lake City and flew to his field of service in Atlanta, Georgia ... arriving safe and sound.  He was not able to make contact with us, but someone took this picture and posted it on Facebook.  Thank heaven for social media.

His first e-mail - on his first P-day in Atlanta - said, "my first day out here was hard.  Doors were slammed in my face and everyone we tried to talk to told us they were not interested, but never giving up sure helps.  We have now found 5 new investigators which is so awesome.  We begin teaching some of them this week."  

Go get 'em, Elder Lovell.  The Lord has prepared a bunch of Georgians for you to teach. Your job is to just keep knocking on those doors!

(Note his new address:  44 Wayside Drive, Cartersville, GA 30120)

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