Thursday, May 26, 2016

Selwin Saying Goodbye

Top left: The Martin's from Purvis, MS; Sister Matealona and Sister Rose; Troy and Charlotte Spiers of Purvis, MS;
Elder Stokes being Elder Stokes; and the Dennees and the Evans of Purvis, MS.
From left:  Robert Seay of Bossier City, LA; the Parks family of Bossier City, LA; Elder Franklin;
the Osburns of Bossier City, LA and the Reynders,
From left: Jim and Brigitte Arroyo; the Kucks; Charles and Sonia Herrin;
the Austins and the Shan and Karma Thompson family ... all of Purvis, MS
Top left:  on our way to the airport; missionaries all heading for home;
Richard and Candi Thrasher of Purvis, MS; Elder and Sister Campbell; and Elders Hansen, Petersen, Marvin and me
Elder Selwin Lovell was reunited on Wednesday, April 13, with his twin brother Simeon and the rest of his St. George family after an honorable release from two years of full-time missionary service in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.  The Guyanese "son" of Ed and Linda Sappington called his experiences in Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of Arkansas and Texas "awesome," "life-changing," "exciting,"  "full of fun adventures," and "a great opportunity to meet amazing and one-of-a-kind, beautiful people."

The best part of his mission, he says, was "finding the Lord's lost sheep." Only slightly less enjoyable was the last 2 1/2 months when he was assigned as a Special Assistant to the President while on crutches because of a broken leg.  Although he was able to travel the mission and work closely with the missionaries, his limitations prevented him from the joy of "finding." 

The most important lesson learned in his "best two years" is "the importance of following the Spirit in everything you do" while also having the "wonderful opportunity to get to know my Savior."

Selwin's mission president Bruce L. Olson wrote:  "We are grateful to have had Elder Lovell in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.  Sister Olson and I have loved serving with Elder Lovell. We have watched him grow in his faith and love for the Savior.  We have seen him strengthen the missionaries and members around him.  He has been an outstanding missionary and will be missed."

The MJM is the only mission in the Magnolia State where the Church has seen slower-than-usual growth with Church membership now totaling 21,630 in 44 wards and branches.

What's next for this Elder Lovell?  "My Plan," which missionaries are expected to complete prior to release includes, "work, school and - for my eternal welfare - to find a wife."

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